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For full details download the official PDF here: Residential Warranty Advantages PDF download

Unless otherwise agreed to in writing, this home warranty is a one-year policy, which applies to mechanical
breakdowns of the covered items specified herein. The policyholder is entitled to service beyond the date of the
warranty’s expiration so long as the claim has been filed within the warranty period. However, this policy does not
apply to claims made during the policy period resulting from mechanical breakdowns existing prior to the policy’s

The policyholder will receive a renewal notice in the month preceding the expiration of their policy. Policyholders
who renew their existing home warranty policy with RWS will receive a renewal discount. For more information
regarding renewal of your policy, please call RWS at 1-800-544-8156.
This policy covers only items as described and excludes all others. All repairs will be made/offered in a manner
determined by RWS. RWS shall have the sole option of determining in what manner mechanical breakdowns will be
corrected. Policyholder has the option of taking a cash payment in lieu of repair on any claim, a decision that must
be made after diagnosis by an RWS authorized service provider and before parts have been purchased or ordered
and before the commencement of any repairs. Optional/additional coverages are not included unless noted on
page 1 under “Policy Type.”

The coverages of this policy apply only to items falling within the perimeter of the foundation of the home and
attached garage(s). The policy only applies to homes on permanent foundations. Exceptions to the perimeter of
the home include the air conditioner, which sits outside the perimeter of the home, and certain optional coverages
where the covered component(s) are inherently outside the foundation of the home (i.e. pool/spa mechanical

Certain additional coverages must be purchased in order for the policy to be utilized for certain claims. If there are
multiple appliances of any kind, more than two (2) HVAC systems, multiple compressors, multiple water heaters,
multiple sump pumps, or more than three (3) garage door openers; additional coverage must be purchased for the
additional units.

Each and every distinct breakdown of any part or component of any covered mechanical system as determined
by an authorized contractor constitutes a distinct claim. The policyholder is responsible for the payment of one
deductible or actual cost for each claim, whichever is lower, payable to the contractor at time of service.

The deductible is the payment the policyholder must make to the servicing contractor per claim in accordance
with this policy. RWS will be responsible for the cost of repair beyond the deductible, subject to the limitations of
liability stipulated in this policy. It is possible under certain circumstances for the policyholder to be responsible for
multiple deductibles for distinct and unrelated problems with two (or more) components within the same covered
mechanical system. For instance, a blower motor and a circuit board are both working parts of a furnace, but would
be separate claims even under the coincidental circumstance where both failed at the same point in time.

In the event of a “non-claim,” where a vendor is requested and the problem is neither within the realm of the policy
nor related to the vendor’s trade, the vendor will charge the entire trip charge to the homeowner. This amount may
be higher in some cases than the deductible. The vendor will also charge for any time he has in the diagnosis and
determination of the problem as well.
Our claims processors are trained to recognize problems that may fall outside the scope of the warranty and will
exercise their discretion to do everything possible to prevent policyholders from incurring such costs in cases that
are likely non-claims. The ultimate determination of whether to request service is up to the policyholder.

During business hours on Monday through Friday from 7:30 AM to 5:30 PM, call us at 1-800-544-8156. A claims
processor will field your call and ask you to provide contact numbers and a description of the problem. If the claim
is not something covered under the warranty policy, we will inform you so that you do not have to pay a deductible for
a non-warranty issue. If the claim appears to fall under the warranty coverages provided, then the claims processor
will forward your claim to a contractor, who will then call you to schedule an appointment time at your earliest
convenience. Emergency calls can be made 24 hours a day at 1-800-544-8156.
Page 3 800-544-8156

DO NOT CALL A CONTRACTOR BEFORE YOU CALL RWS. RWS will not be liable for any costs
associated with a contractor selected by the policyholder without prior authorization. Policyholder’s contractors
contacted prior to making a claim with RWS and without prior authorization will not be considered for servicing
any claim, nor will any bill be reimbursed. Keep in mind—RWS does NOT cover components damaged by outside
contractors. This includes, but is not limited to scheduled maintenance for HVAC systems. In short, if you are at all
unsure whether a problem is covered under this policy, call RWS to find out before having any work done.

All claims received under the RWS home warranty policy shall be classified according to the following criteria:
(1) Emergency Claim—A furnace condition resulting in no heat when outdoor temperatures are less than 55° F,
a sump pump motor malfunction when the risk of water intrusion via sump pit exists, or an active pressurized
water leak where the active leak cannot be temporarily resolved by a valve.
(2) Urgent Claim—No hot water, no water or a plumbing leak that occurs during normal use of the plumbing
system, refrigerator not cooling, A/C not cooling, any other covered life-safety item claim.
(3) Non-Emergency Claim—Any claim not included in the classification of “emergency” or “urgent” claims.
We ask that our contractors call our policyholders to schedule as soon as possible. If you have not received a call
within four hours, please call us back so we can follow up and have the contractor call you.
RWS will make every reasonable effort to get a service contractor dispatched within 8 hours under emergency
conditions, 24 hours under urgent conditions, and 48 hours under non-emergency conditions, within the customary
response time allowable by the trade type. During certain exceptional high volume claim periods, these times may
be exceeded. RWS is not responsible for damage caused by delays in service.
It is up to the homeowner to determine the type of contractor they request (i.e. plumber, HVAC, electrician, appliance
repair). RWS representatives can assist you in this determination upon request. Should the trade of the contractor
requested not be of the trade necessary to fix the covered issue, it will be treated as a “non-claim.”

Any claim, whether classified as Emergency, Urgent, or Non-Emergency may be handled after normal business
hours. Urgent and Non-Emergency claims will only be handled after hours based on the availability of RWS
authorized contractors.

In the case of an Emergency Claim, RWS may at its option authorize the homeowner to call/use their own contractor
so as to prevent unnecessary delays in service. Under such circumstances, RWS shall be notified of the diagnosis
and estimates prior to commencement of repair work. RWS will determine after diagnosis by such contractor the
extent of coverage in accordance with the prices established for similar work by authorized contractors at RWS
negotiated rates, and the policyholder shall be reimbursed in accordance with such rates.
In the event that either RWS objects to the diagnosis of such a contractor, or the policyholder should not accept
the allowance offered, RWS will send the first available authorized contractor to diagnose and service the covered
items. RWS is not responsible for damage caused by a contractor outside its network of authorized contractors.

If the contractor does not adequately rectify the claim on his first visit to your home, and a similar problem persists
shortly after a service call, please call RWS to inform them of the unsatisfactory repair. If the problem is related
to inadequate repair of the original claim, the contractor will come back out to commence further repairs at no
additional cost to the policyholder.

The contractor we send does not have to be the contractor to perform the repair. After the diagnosis, the homeowner
may request cash in lieu of repair for that claim. We will not guarantee the work of contractors outside of our
network under our “single deductible” per claim policy.

RWS is not the servicing contractor. All RWS contractors are screened for mandatory qualifications, insurance, and
references. Most RWS contractors have serviced hundreds of RWS claims. As a risk management company, RWS
cannot guarantee the work of our contractors, or take responsibility for liabilities they may incur through the course
of work. RWS does, however, have a single deductible per claim policy. Should a single mechanical malfunction
result in the replacement of a component (i.e. a gas valve, faucet, disposal, motor, switch, relay, etc.), and that
same component fails at any time during the same policy year, it shall be fixed or replaced at no additional cost to
the policyholder. 800-544-8156 Page 4
The circumstances under which it broke must be covered by the warranty and RWS reserves the right to send the
same contractor to the home if the problem persists during the same warranty period. Furthermore, it is our policy
that our contractors leave a copy of the invoice for work performed at the warranted property for any repair. Each
contractor has their own policy on how long they guarantee their workmanship and parts, which may extend beyond
the term of your warranty with RWS. Call the contractor for further details.

RWS reserves the right to a second opinion after the diagnosis of a covered issue by an approved RWS contractor,
at the cost of RWS and at no further cost to the policyholder. In the event of an “emergency” claim as defined by
the policy above, if the policyholder incurs hotel fees as a result of RWS exercising the option to receive a second
opinion which takes more than 24 hours to complete, RWS shall reimburse the policyholder up to $59 per night a
covered claim’s decision is not made.

Systems Coverage Summary

COVERED: This policy will cover up to two (2) heating units including forced air systems, hot water heating systems
(up to $1500), heat pump, geothermal heat pump (up to $1500), heat exchanger, burners, elements, furnace
mounted humidifiers and electronic air filters or cleaners, baseboard electric heating system (where it is the
primary heat source only), thermostats (Non-Programmable), accessible interior gas lines, accessible ductwork,
and permanently mounted wall units (if primary heat source in home).
NOT COVERED: Steam heating systems, well pump for geothermal systems, leak checks, underground piping, solar
heating systems, inaccessible supply ducts and/or pipes, zone dampers, zone control systems, ducts or piping
encased in concrete, coal or woodburning furnaces, furnaces using converted fuel type, fuel oil lines, fuel oil or
propane gas storage tanks, lithium/glycol units, any claim involving a well, heat lamps, flues and vents, registers,
improperly sized systems, chimneys, grills, clocks, portable units, and any equipment typically intended for use in
commercial/non-residential situations.

COVERED: Electrical central air conditioning unit or heat pump, including compressors, coils, motors, belts,
pulleys and related components attached to air conditioning units, leaking refrigerant lines, thermostats (nonprogrammable),
cleaning of condensate drain lines, float assembly.
NOT COVERED: Gas fired air conditioners, geothermal or lithium/glycol units, leak checks, window and through wall
units, freestanding room units, “burnt” refrigerant or any condition potentially resulting from lightning or electrical
surge, any system intended for use other than residential, condenser casings, filters, water towers, roof jacks or
stands, chillers and chiller components, zone dampers, zone control systems, improperly sized units, evaporative
cooler pads, rooftop units.

COVERED: Water pipes and waste pipes under leaking conditions, gas pipes, vent pipes, faucets (builder standard
for replacement), valves, sill cocks, assembly parts within the toilet tank, shower and tub valve (builder standard
for replacement), diverter valve, angle stops, risers and gate valves, drain valve, hose bibs, vent and sewer lines, all
within the perimeter of the home’s foundation and attached garages.
NOT COVERED: Any condition resulting from freeze damage or tree roots, stoppages, bathtubs and showers,
shower enclosures and base pans, sinks, toilet seats and lids, toilet tanks, conditions involving structural issues
including caulk and grout, holding tanks, steam rooms and saunas, lawn sprinkler systems, fire suppression
systems, whirlpool bathtub jets, and any loss arising from mineral or chemical deposits, insufficient capacity, or
water residue, pressure regulating devices, damage caused by leaks or gaining access to repair leaks, conditions
of insufficient water pressure.
***NOTE: RWS is not responsible for repairs to noncovered items such as drywall, flooring, property, etc. damaged
as a consequence of plumbing problems (see limits of liability).

COVERED: Main panels (100 amp minimum, 300 amp maximum), sub-panels, breakers, switches, receptacles,
interior wiring, wiring to air conditioning unit, attic and exhaust fan, doorbell wiring, telephone wiring.
NOT COVERED: Fixtures, alarms, carbon monoxide detectors, any loss arising out of power failure or surge,
conditions of overload or inadequate capacity, Intercoms, DC components, meter boxes, electrical items located
outside the perimeter of the home and attached garage, any repairs necessary up line from the main panel.
Page 5 800-544-8156

COVERED: Water heater tank, elements, gas valve and lines, thermocouple.
NOT COVERED: Solar components and systems, holding tanks, any noise or condition involving sediment or lime
buildup, flues and vents, thermal expansion tanks.
***NOTE: In the case of replacement, RWS will pay only up to the cost of a conventional tank replacement at up to
75 gallons not to exceed $800 (see limits of liability). In the case of power vent, high efficiency, larger or commercial
units, the policyholder may incur additional charges.

COVERED: Standard groundwater sump pump, switches.
NOT COVERED: Battery backup systems, effluent pumps, pedestal systems, any condition resulting from freezing,
backup, stoppage, or lack of capacity, grinder pumps.

COVERED: Whirlpool motor and pump assemblies for built-in units only.
NOT COVERED: Jets, units without access to pump and motor assembly.

COVERED: Up to three garage door opener units, of a standard residential grade, including motor, receiver board,
relays, switches, drive trains, capacitors, push arm, track assembly.
NOT COVERED: Springs, doors, door hardware, hinges, remote sending units, units not meeting current safety
standards, frequency interference, corrosion resulting from moisture, standard maintenance, infrared sensors,
chains, key pads.

Kitchen Refrigerator
COVERED: Refrigerator or combination refrigerator/freezer, icemaker, compressors, condensers, evaporators, fan
motors, timers, thermostats, wiring
NOT COVERED: Racks, shelves, structural components, food spoilage, beverage and ice dispensers and their
respective equipment, insulation, secondary units (requires additional coverage), panels and cabinetry, door seals,
drawers, audio/video components, external thermostats, door alarms, stand-alone icemakers.

COVERED: Elements, burners, over range exhaust fan, thermostats, wiring, igniters and other related components
and parts to a built-in Range/Oven.
NOT COVERED: Secondary unit (optional coverage for additional unit),Clocks, self cleaning systems, meat probes,
racks, rotisseries, handles, knobs, shelves, door seals, magnetic induction units, and cleaning and calibration of
the unit. Dual fuel and Dual Oven/Range units require additional coverage. Sensi-temp burners will be replaced
with standard burners.

COVERED: Built-in dishwashing unit and related parts and equipment, including timers, motors, heating elements,
hinges and latches, wash arms, fill valves, and spray arm.
NOT COVERED: Racks, baskets, rollers, handles and knobs, door seals, dispensers, internal shell, panel and
cabinetry, effectiveness of cleaning, valves clogged by sediment or lime buildup.

COVERED: Built-in microwave, parts, and components including electric timer, transformer, magnetron tube, door
latch, and touch tone panel.
NOT COVERED: Glass, countertop units, clocks, rotisseries, cooking accessories, interior linings, shelves, knobs,
racks, removable tray, lights, panels and cabinetry, toaster units, and units working in combination with wall oven.

Garbage Disposal
COVERED: Built-in garbage disposal and all related parts and components, including motor, wiring, blades, switches
and casing.
NOT COVERED: Failure due to a clog, corrosion or rust.

Exhaust Fan
COVERED: All parts and components of standard size overhead exhaust fans, both recirculating and non.

Trash Compactor
COVERED: Built-in trash compactor and component parts, including motors, switches and relays, wiring, and tracks.
NOT COVERED: Lock and key assemblies and removable buckets, door seals, knobs/handles/pedals, racks, panel
and cabinetry, automatic deodorizers, and loss due to corrosion/rust.

RWS may cancel this non-refundable contract under any of the following conditions: (1) In the event of fraud or
misrepresentation by the purchaser, seller, or any other entity not associated with RWS, (2) If the policyholder fails
to pay the deductible for any item serviced, (3) If any covered equipment is serviced by anyone other than a RWS
representative or company authorized by RWS to perform service, (4) If the home is vacated or unoccupied for a
period of over thirty (30) consecutive days, and (5) If the transaction does not close and the seller elects to remove
from listing status, a $35 processing fee will be charged.


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