Mobile Home Inspections

Are you considering purchasing a mobile home? For the most part, a mobile home is like a single-family home with a few differences. Mobile homes, generally, have been trailered in place and supported with concrete blocks over an asphalt or concrete pad. A crawlspace underneath the trailer where the axle, wheels, and trailer frame may exist, likely will contain the electrical, water and sewer lines that are connected underneath much like a standard home with a crawl space.

Crawlspace Issues

At times the connection work may have be completed by the owner or a nonprofessional in these specialized crawlspace areas which may lead to future problems.

Experienced Inspector

Mike has worked on, built and inspected thousands of homes and uses of all the latest technology including moisture meters and thermo imaging cameras in every home inspection.

From multi-million dollar to starter homes, from brand new builds to major additions, Mike has over 30 years of professional new and renovation construction experience. From roofing to foundations, as a general contractor, when it comes to a family home, Mike has done it all.

Mobile Home Inspection Components

  • Digital Report w/ Photos of Deficiencies (Including Detailed Explanations)
  • Thermal Imaging (Infra Red) Scans
  • Moisture Metre Scans
  • Roof Coverings
  • Roof Vents & Flashing
  • Skylights, Chimneys & Other Roof Penetrations
  • Eaves, Soffit & Fascia
  • Fireplace
  • Envelope Cladding, Flashing & Trims
  • Windows
  • Decks, Stoops, Porches, Balconies & Railings
  • Walkways & Patios
  • Driveways & Retaining Walls
  • Grading & Drainage
  • Garage Doors, Safety Sensors & Openers
  • Foundation, Wall & Attic Structure
  • Gutters & Downspouts
  • Foundation Water Penetration &/or Movement
  • Heating Systems
  • Cooling Systems
  • Main Water & Fuel Shut-off Valves
  • Interior Plumbing Fixtures & Faucets
  • Drainage Sump Pumps with Accessible Floats
  • Water Heating System
  • Electrical Service Line & Meter Box
  • Main Electrical Disconnect & Service Amperage
  • Electrical Panels, Breakers & Fuses
  • Grounding & Bonding
  • GFCIs & AFCIs
  • Insulation & Ventilation
  • Operation of all appliances
  • Bedrooms, Dens, Kitchens &Bathrooms
  • Damper Door & Hearth
  • And Much More…

Infra Red Scans

Thermo imaging scans, density/moisture scans and gas furnace/boiler exchanger testing (carbon monoxide) is included and free with every inspection. Every one of Mike`s inspections include all of his wealth of knowledge and experience coupled with the latest technology in order to give you a superior product. Get your home inspected beforehand by Mike so you have a thorough understanding of the condition of your new home,

Get the knowledge and experience you need to help with your decision!

Free Warranty

Mike believes so much in his ability to give a superior product that he has included a free warranty package that is second to none in the industry! If all of the experience, knowledge and technology isn’t enough, then how about some warranty help to smooth things the ruff spots for those first few years? From roofs to appliances, check it out on the warranty page!


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If you are considering a Mobile home purchase, “Get a `Mike` Home Inspection!” and get the knowledge and experience you need to help with your decision!

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